Contents - Traces, n.2 - February 2006
Fr. GIUSSANI / Letter to the Fraternity
Dear Friends...
by Julián Carrón
> “Christianity Is
an Encounter, an Event”

by Joseph Ratzinger
> A student at the Berchet
The Hand that Went Up
at the Back of the Class

by Claudio Pavesi
> Te Deum
A Strong, Affectionate Father, Witness
of Christ and of His Mystery

by Dionigi Tettamanzi
> Milan, Monumental Cemetery
“He Is Never Alone”
by Paola Bergamini
> Contributions
> Testimonies
> Fr. Luigi Giussani founder
of the Sisters of Charity of the
Assumption, along with Fr. Pernet

> Like in a film
The Look of Barabbas
by Pedro Sarubbi

Mandalay, San Donato Milanese, London...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Strange Games of Destiny
at the 20th Parallel South

by Riccardo Piol
> Christmas among the Aborigines
by John Kinder
> Meanwhile, in Melbourne...
by Anna Leonardi

Three Hundred on the Freedom Trail
by Michelle Riconscente
> Public Meeting
For a True Liberation,
a True Education

by Marco Bardazzi
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Music / Ludwig van Beethoven
Simplicity and Candor
by Kristi Brown-Montesano

Meeting 2006
“Reason Is the Need for the Infinite
and Culminates in the Sigh
and the Presentiment
that This Infinite Be Manifested”

Mozart (1756-1791)
Amadeus. A Continuous Font of Beauty
by Enrico Raggi
> Life and Works
by Andrea Milanesi

Deus Caritas Est
The Humanity of Faith
by Massimo Camisasca

The Density of the Person
A change needed in the schools

by Luigi Giussani

The Day after Redemption
by Lorenzo Albacete

The Beginning
of Being Christian, an Event