Contents - No. 8, 2006
Page one
The Christian Revolution
by Benedict XVI

Perugia, Salerno, Chiavari...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Reason Is...
The Sigh of the Meeting
by Carlo Dignola
> Reason Is Asking
by Giancarlo Cesana
The Experience
of the Mystery in Russia

by Giovanna Parravicini
The Bow of the Question:
Creation and Evolution

by Marco Bersanelli

Beyond the Wall of Fundamentalism
by Giorgio Paolucci

Major Interviews / Edmund Pellegrino
The Immortality Pill:
a Disastrous Illusion

edited by Marco Bardazzi

Science / Debate
No Dispensing Machine for Happiness
by Paola Navotti

From Utopia to Presence
Presence, Judgment, and Authority
by Roberto Fontolan

The Religious Sense / in Arabic
A Veil of Hope, Beyond Prejudice
by Ambrogio Pisoni

New World
The Meeting Through American Eyes
by Michelle Riconscente
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Film / An Existential Romance
A Slow Awakening to Reality
by John Touhey

Major Interviews / John Waters
An Irishman’s Story
The Surprise of an Encounter

edited by Michelle Riconscente

Modernity and Identity
The Person who Belongs Has a Face
by Riccardo Piol


The Middle East
In the Land of Hope, Against all Hope
by Riccardo Piol
> History
The State of Israel
and the Arab World

by Roberto Fontolan

Big Photos ]
Exhibit: “At the apex of reason.
Giussani, Chapter Ten”

Inside america
The Impossibility of Revelation:
The “Dogma” of Modernity

by Lorenzo Albacete

“Liberating” Reason