Contents - March, No 3 2007
Page one
God Is Mercy
by Luigi Giussani

Milan, Bologna, Paraguay...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Fr. Giussani, the Bishops, the Popes
A Story of Faithfulness
by Massimo Camisasca
> Fr. Giussani’s fidelity to the
authority of the Pope marks the life
of the Movement: some excerpts

Benedict XVI/Within Reality
Words that Explain Life
> Heart
by Lorenzo Albacete
> Reason
by Michele Lenoci
> Education
by Eugenio Borgna
> Love
by Giovanni Reale
> Dialogue
by Magdi Allam and Gianni Riotta

Fr. Giussani
A Living Memory
> Milan
A Passionate Love for Christ
and for the Church

by Dionigi Tettamanzi
> Venice
The “I,” the Event
of the Educative Genius

by Angelo Scola
> Milan
Concluding greeting
to Cardinal Tettamanzi

by Julián Carrón
> Homilies from all over the world

Rome/The Religious Sense in Arabic
A Gift for Christians
A Book Open to All

by Riccardo Piol

Iraq/Interview with Archbishop Filoni
Christians: a Dwindling Resource in Iraq
edited by Roberto Fontolan

New World
Living the Ultimate Questions
by Stephen Lewis
> Learning from Rachel
by Elvira Parravicini, M.D.
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Father of the Symphony and Musicians
Haydn’s March
by Kristi Brown

inside america
No Liberation without Communion
by Lorenzo Albacete

The Pope’s Challenge
and Our Responsibility

Julián Carrón
Looking on the Humanity
Within Us with Sympathy

Notes from the synthesis by Julián Carrón at the CL University Central Equipe and at the Responsibles Assembly, Milan, February 6 and 9, 2007