Contents No. 8, 2007

page one
Seekers of Truth, and thus of God
by Benedetto XVI
Knowing the Truth is Staying with Jesus
by Tarcisio Bertone

Abbiategrasso, Greece, Milan…
edited by Paola Bergamini

Enthralled by the Attraction of the Truth
by Giorgio Vittadini
> Interview with Stanley Hauerwas
Will God Save America?
edited by Carlo Dignola
> A Story
And the Judge Was Deeply Moved…
by Letizia Bardazzi and Francesco Tanzilli
> Science
When Nature Responds
by Mario Gargantini
> Law
Can a Good Judge Ever Do Justice?
by Marta Cartabia
> Toward 2008
“Either Protagonists or Nobodies”

Why It’s Worth Beginning Again
edited by Alberto Savorana
> Fr. Giussani/Viterbo 1977
A Spur to Life

La Thuile
The Mystery, Before Everything Else
by Luigi Amicone
> Testimonies
Living for the Work of an Other
by Paola Bergamini
> A Letter
The Greatest Hope

The Middle East
“We Are Here. We Can Say to Anyone:
Come and See”

by Roberto Fontolan

Benedict XVI
That Ardent Desire to Recover Unity
by Andrea Tornielli

Claudio Chieffo (1945-2007)
I Have a Great, Great Friend
by Massimo Bernardini
> Fr. Carrón’s greeting
> Fr. Giussani
“The Gaze of a Man with an Adult Faith”
> The Story of an Encounter
by David Horowitz

New World
Four Writers Worthy
of Their Calling

by Santiago Ramos
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Feigning the truth
Contemporary Art: Studio Craft and Beyond
edited by Suzanne Tanzi

inside america
Where is the Evidence?
by Lorenzo Albacete

The True Beginning, a Provocation to Life

Every month in Traces, words from Benedict XVI.
Homily of Benedict XVI during the Pastoral Visit to Loreto on the Occasion of the Agorà of Italian Youth. Eucharistic Concelebration, Plain of Montorso, Italy, Sunday September 2, 2007