01-11-2007 - Traces, n. 10


Voices from the WorkCenter

I met the WorkCenter friends in my parish in Maryland, just after I was laid off from my position as a manager of an important nonprofit agency. Being a father with two kids and having to take care of my family and my financial commitments, I was very worried about the prospect of looking for a job at my age. The WorkCenter friends helped me focus on my assets and look at my professional experience in a positive way. They spent a lot of time helping me review my CV and prepare for interviews, and they even offered tips for negotiating a salary. I never imagined that there were people like these, busy professionals who were committed to help, free of charge, by sharing their expertise. In the end, I found a job, and a well-paying one at that.
John R., Maryland

I lost my job during my late 50s. I was really desperate because I had never had to look for a job. I did not even know where to start. The WorkCenter friends helped me all the way through. They were able to get the best out of me, while putting me back to work. In fact, now I go to the WorkCenter meetings in my parish to help out as much as I can. There was nothing more important than being able to face all my challenges together with these friends.
Isabelle M., Maryland

I needed to secure stable income to support my growing family, while keeping some of my previous business accounts. But I never really worked within organizations. The WorkCenter friends helped me to focus on my professional and academic background in a totally different light than I would have on my own. Most importantly, I could talk with real people who were there just for me, friends. I did get a job, and after this I got an even better one, in the financeial business. My family is very happy about these changes.
Alfredo F., Virginia

I was totally unsure of my career after my degree, and was lost, following dreams and ideas. The WorkCenter friends were able to put me in touch with actual professionals. We developed a friendly relationship, which helped me decide upon a realistic professional path. I never could have done it alone. This was something I did not even believe existed.
Elisa S., Virginia