Contents - February 2008

Page one
Faith: Yesterday and Today
by Luigi Giussani


Paris, Forlì, Palermo…
edited by Paola Bergamini

Fr. Giussani
Interview with Angelo Scola
“A more Heartfelt Affection”
edited by  Roberto Fontolan
> Chris Vath
“I Found What I Was Looking for”
by Maddalena Vicini
> Miriam Nembrini
“My Friendship with Him? It Goes on as Before”
by Maddalena Vicini
> Interview with John Waters
A New Working Hypothesis
edited by Mauro Biondi

Benedict XVI
From La Sapienza... to Reason
by Stefano Filippi
> An Appeal for Reason and Freedom in the University
> Gianpaolo Bellini
Why the Pope Is on the Side of the Scientists
edited by Davide Perillo
> An example
A Breath of Fresh Air
by Matteo Forte

The True Winners Among Divisions
by Joackim Koech

North American Diaconia
“What Are You Looking for?”
by Santiago Ramos
> Public Event
To Live this Way in the Village
by Maurizio Maniscalco

Spe Salvi/Dialogue with Fr. Eugenio Nembrini
A Companion on Our Journey
edited by Alberto Savorana

New World
Defending a True Education
by Michelle Riconscente
> Communion and Liberation
Unamuno and the problem of man
The Fall of Reason
by Rebecca Cherico

Inside america
What Lies Behind the
New Interest in Confession

by Lorenzo Albacete

The Adventure of Knowledge
by Julián Carrón