Contents No. 5 - 2008

Page one
The Energy Required for Faith
by Luigi Giussani

Kampala, Macerata, Boston…
edited by Paola Bergamini

Benedict XVI in the USA
Archbishop Mamberti speaks
The Pope Showed America
the Face of Christ

edited by Davide Perillo
> Human Rights,
“the Fruit of Unchanging Justice”

by Stefano Alberto
> An Extraordinary Lesson of Method
by Lorenzo Albacete
> Interview with Paolo Carozza
In Service of the Truth,
the Pope Educates the Heart of Man

edited by Santiago Ramos

New World
The Holy Father Speaks at the United Nations
There Are No
Human Rights Without Christ

by Mario Ramos-Reyes, PhD

The Pontiffs and the United Nations
A Choir of Friends
Singing for the Pope

by Santiago Ramos
> Culture
A New Novel by Ron Hansen
An Incomprehensible Certainty
by Gregory Wolfe
> The Intensity of a Life
by Mauro Biondi

“For Me, the Christian Fact
Has Been an Adventure”

by Enzo Piccinini

Friends Behind Bars
by Paola Bergamini

Preview of Rimini Meeting
Aharon Appelfeld
What made Me a Protagonist

edited by Camillo Fornasieri

Fr. Vladimir Šmalij speaks
Pope Benedict’s Hope Is Ours, too
edited by Giovanna Parravicini

Inside america
Who Is This Man?
by Lorenzo Albacete

Saying “You” to Christ