contents No. 7 2008

page one
One Who Can Truly Fill Your Heart
by Julián Carrón

Georgia, Montréal, Boston…
edited by Paola Bergamini

Anticipating the rimini Meeting
Marco Bersanelli
Who Wants to Be a Protagonist?
edited by Davide Perillo
> The witnesses/Fr. Aldo Trento
My Work? It’s the Lord’s
by Roberto Fontolan
> Economy and work/A. Krueger speaks
The Power of the Markets
edited by Letizia Bardazzi
> Books/O’Brien at the Meeting
Messenger of Hope
by Edoardo Rialti

food emergency
What the World Is Hungering for
by Paolo Perego

Faith and Culture
Mr. Xiao and the Shén Fù Friends
by Massimo Camisasca
The movie about the Kampala Meeting Point
Hope Takes the Place of a Happy Ending
by Maddalena Vicini
> The President speaks
The Ugandan Women Are
Noticed at the White House

by Santiago Ramos

This Is How You Say
Religious Sense  in Japanese

by Paolo Cremonesi

Discovering the Noblest Time of the Year
by Paola Bergamini

Faith and history
Cardinal Bagnasco speaks
“The Church Is Not an élite, but a People”
edited by Davide Perillo

inside america
Toward an Authentic Dialogue
by Lorenzo Albacete

Our Assignment for the Vacation