Contents - No. 10, November 2008

page one
Something That Comes First
by Luigi Giussani

Taipei, Fidenza, Salerno…
edited by Paola Bergamini

Whom does my work serve?
edited by Davide Perillo
> The “I” at work / The entrepreneur
“I’m not the Boss,
I’m just the First Employee!”

by Paolo Perego
> The “I” at work / The financier
“In moving money, I try
to Learn about the Heart of Man”

by Santiago Ramos

South Korea
Heart and Seoul
by Paolo Perego

Pauline Year
Two Thousand Later
Paul Is on His Travels Again

by Giuseppe Frangi
> José MIiguel García
Paul’s letters are born of the Gospel

New World
Do We Really Believe
This is Possible? Launching
Is It Possible to Live This Way?

in the Nation’s Capital
by Dino D’Agata

The Vitality of Orson Welles
by John Touhey
> Culture
One Day at a Time
by Sharon Mollerus
> Daily Reminders
by Kim Luisi

“Our Faith Is not Centered on a Book,
but on Jesus Christ, the Word of
God Made Flesh, Man and History”

by Riccardo Piol
> Intervention of Fr. Julián Carrón
“The Volumes Are in Our Hands;
the Facts Before Our Eyes”

inside america
Reason: Keeping
the Quest for Truth Alive 

by Lorenzo Albacete

Letter to the Movement
by Julián Carrón