Contents No.11, 2009

Inside Pageone
Your Work is a Good for All
Notes from Fr. Julián Carrón’s talk at the General Assembly of the Companionship of Works in Assago, Italy, on November 22, 2009

In Front of Him

Christmas in the Holy Land
Where Everything Began
by Alessandra Stoppa
He Was Born for Me
Texts collected by Fabrizio Rossi

cl life
The African Responsibles Assembly
How the New Creature Is Born
by Davide Perillo
The Czech Republic
Beyond Confusion
by Paolo Perego

new world
The “I” and work
A New Vision in the Center of Capitalism
by Thomas D. Sullivan, Chiara Zamin and John Touhey
Interface Rebel with a Cause
by Gideon Weiler

He Has Called Us Friends
by Luca Doninelli and Davide Rondoni

Benedict XVI
The Way of Beauty Leads to Grasping the Infinite in the Finite

St. Monica
St. Augustine’s Rock
by Paola Bergamini

edited by Paola Bergamini
23 Minutes Are Enough to Understand Rom’s 23 Years
by John Waters           
Inside America
by Lorenzo Albacete