Contents  Vol.13 - No. 9, 2011

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To live always
the real intensely

Notes from the talks by Davide Prosperi and Fr. Julián Carrón at the Beginning Day for adults and university students of CL.
Mediolanum Forum, Assago, Italy, October 1, 2011

With this issue of Traces, excerpts from the Pope’s speeches in Germany.

The Bunker and the Windows

The Pope in Germany
He Came to Reawaken Us
by Christoph Scholz
The Power of a Listening Heart
by Stefano Alberto

Beyond the UN
Without a Homeland
by Francesca Paci
An Extra Chromosome that Builds the Instant
by Davide Perillo
Refugees, a Poem, and the Braids in Her Hair
by Paola Ronconi
What Has God Got to Do with the Bills?
by Paolo Perego
“I Risked Everything on One Solid Point”
by Paola Bergamini

new world
Across America
A Journey to Freedom
by Christopher Bacich
GS Exhibit
Love For Truth... on Display
by Barbara Gagliotti

Cardinal Angelo Scola
“God Needs Us”
by Andrea Tornielli

edited by Paola Bergamini
The Facts Answer
by John Waters
Inside America
by Lorenzo Albacete