Contents, April 2013 - No. 4

“Ubi fides, ibi libertas”
Notes from the Assembly of Responsibles of Communion and Liberation, Pacengo di Lazise (Verona), Italy, March 3, 2013
by Julián Carrón

At the Heart of an Event

Pope Francis
The Wonder of a Beginning

Three Popes to Rediscover the Heart of Peter
by Marina Ricci

In that Name There is the Sense of (True) Poverty
by Paolo Martinelli

From Argentina
The Story of a“Simple Priest”
by Silvina Premat

“Someone is Waiting for You”
from the Interview-Book

There Were There Are “Living Stones”
by L. Fiore and A.Stoppa

Divya, Converted Among the Sheiks

Rebirth after the Scandals

Roger, Jean, and Me Like the Centurion

Latin America
Assembly of Responsibles
With Open Eyes
by Alessandra Stoppa
New World
No Hiding from Reality
by Tricia Branagan

Giving Up “Shotgun”
by Richard Hertzberg

Faith and Life
My Keynote
by Paolo Perego
edited by Paola Bergamini
The Facts Answer
by John Waters
Inside America
by Lorenzo Albacete