Unity, the Law of Knowledge

On Tuesday, April 4th, the Assembly of CL Responsibles was held in Milan.
The theme was, "Religious sense and faith: educational implications of the original impetus of the Movement."
Fr. Giussani concluded the discussion with some observations
that we offer here to everyone because they are useful for each one's jour

First of all I feel I must point out what for me was the most important observation among your interventions today: God as the content of an encounter, God as the content of a relationship, is possible only when the word "God" becomes a huge sea, a sea that can be seen and touched; in other words when God becomes Jesus.
This is a reflection that we must make personally, among friends as well as all together: it is the memory of Jesus that is still lacking in the relationship between us! In other words, something of the means by which the Mystery intervened in man's history is missing.
Only Jesus is the reality in which the Mystery becomes affable, becomes a companion, becomes power in man.

Secondly, once this is affirmed, how true it is that there is a characteristic that cannot be found in any attitude of anyone else! Unity.
The word "unity" indicates a vibration that swells up and takes form more and more clearly as time goes by. It is only in Jesus that we can throw ourselves into unity as the measure and criterion of what we do.
The reasoning that develops our awareness and makes possible the development of judgment-and therefore of an awareness that determines more maturely our understanding of, and the form of, our works-must keep in mind that unity constitutes the fundamental characteristic for grasping and bringing to definition the reality with which our intelligence relates.
But there is a final observation: unity is possible only if God has become man. It is in Him that everything converges to express the passion for the unity of all things.
Pray to Jesus, and ask for and look for unity in everything. In everything!