Contents n. 5, 2005

Benedict XVI
Christ Makes Life Free, Beautiful, and Great

Page one
A New Beginning

by Julián Carrón
The Greatest Sacrifice Is to Give
Your Life for an Other’s Work

by Luigi Giussani

Astana, Milan, Turin...

edited by Paola Bergamini

Fr. Giussani
The Fever for Life
that Won All of Us to Christ

> The Engaging and Fascinating
Adventure of Witness

by Camillo Ruini
> The All–encompassing
Christianity of Fr. Giussani

by Marcelllo Pera
> In Memoriam

Charitable Work
Charity Is the Law of Being

> The Experience
of the Solidarity Banks

United States
Way of the Cross 2005
New World
Freedom as Ideal,
Freedom as Ideology

edited by Lorenzo Albacete
> The Common Good
by Paolo Carozza
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture

Rimini Meeting
The Church and the Right
to Be Christian

by Stefano Alberto

John Paul II / The Year of the Eucharist
The Effective Sign
of the Divine in History

by Laura Cioni

John paul II - 1920-2005
Your Name Was Born From
What You Were Looking at

by Julián Carrón
“He Wanted to Give
of Himself Unreservedly for
Christ and thus also for Us”

by Joseph Ratzinger
Christianity Is the Realization
of Man as Man

“The Church Herself is a Movement”

“Let Us Serve Christ in This Great Man”

by Fr. Giussani

Christ’s Liberation
in the Communion of the Church

by John Paul II

We Have Been Provoked
to a Responsibility on Which
Our Life Will Be Judged

by Fr. Giussani

INSIDE america
The School of the Teacher

by Lorenzo Albacete

The Glory of God
Is Man Fully Alive