Editorial Unity, Freedom, and Charity

Flyer No to the War

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Contribution Let Us Pray for Italy in Danger
Interview by Pierluigi Battista

St. Charles On the Beach of History
By Massimo Camisasca

Argentina The Gratitude of Buenos Aires
By Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Jubilee Augustine: Recuperating Reason
By Giuseppe Fidelibus

USA Over the Bridge, toward Destiny
By Lorna Beretta

Ecumenism The Story of a Friendship
By Leo Capobianco

Africa at Work
Interview by Riccardo Piol

Cinema The Fate of Summary Justice
By Luca Carate

Word Among Us The Gushing of Obedience
Notes from a talk of Luigi Giussani to a group of Memores Domini.Salsomaggiore,
February 21, 1999