Contents december 1999

Word Among Us The Jubilee and Life
Notes from a talk presented by Luigi Giussani in preparation
of the Jubilee of the Redemption.
Duomo of Palmanova, June 15, 1983

Editorial 2000: For a True Celebration

USA The Authority of Fruitfulness
By Lorenzo Albacete

The Individual, Freedom, and the State: The Problem of Belonging
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Milan Educating Is a Risk

The Rest of the Magi
By Giuseppe Frangi

Piccinini Present, and thus Working
By Luca Falciola

Society Subsidiarity in England
By Matteo Cerri

Northern Europe Adventure in the Big Chill
By Luca Doninelli

Moslems The Crescent on the World
Edited by Giorgio Paolucci

Holocaust Pius XII's Gold
Edited by Andrea Tornielli