Editorial Constructive Destiny of Human Work

St. Louis An Exceptional Presence
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Sierra Leone Lord, You Have Been for Us a Refuge…
By Mirella Pierotti and Giuseppe Berton

Unending Conflicts
By Rodolfo Casadei

USA New Music in New York
By Jonathan Fields

Campus News
By Elvira Parravicini

Padua In Predilection, the Hope of a People
By Eugenio Andreatta

Mexico In the Land of Juan Diego
By Giovanni Perico

France Freedom of Thought in Paris
By Claudio Mesoniat

Preview Gaetano Previati, a Protagonist of European Symbolism

Judaism David
By Davide Rondoni and Giuseppe Frangi

The Root, the Road
Edited by Maurizio Maniscalco

Sacraments A New Protagonist
By Pino e Saveria Proserpio

CL The Knights of the Third Millennium
By Alberto Savorana

Word Among Us The Sign in the Concrete Moment of History
Notes from the Intervention of Fr. Pino at the Assembly of Responsibles of Communion and Liberation, after a discussion with Fr. Giussani
Milan, December 1, 1998