Contents january 2000

Editorial The Beginning of History

USA What I Did During Christmas Vacation
By Lorenzo Albacete

Money Talks
By Dino Gerard D'Agata

Recounting the Mystery
Edited by Maurizio Maniscalco

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Mission Wind from the East
By Antonio Simone, Laura Cioni, and Giovanna Parravicini

School Stories of Young People
By Gianni Mereghetti

CLU Life Rediscovered
By Emanuele Colombo

Indonesia Five Days in Jakarta
By Emanuele Colombo, Luca Frigerio, Luca De Simoni

Lagos The Religious Sense in Nigeria
By Annamaria Chiarabini

Congdon The Sea Is a Long Blue Line
By Rodolfo Balzarotti

Jubilee God Has Become Present in Everyday Human Life
By John Paul II

They Watched Him Speak

"Simon, Do You Love Me?"
By Giuseppe Frangi

"Rabbi, Where Do You Live?"
By Andrea Tornielli

Luther A Milestone
By Laura Cioni

Islam The Difficult Road of Reconciliation
By Rodolfo Casadei

Tunisians from the Very Start
By Giorgio Paolucci

Word Among Us Man Filled with Pain and Certainity
An intervention of Luigi Giussani in The Pilgrim's Journal,
December 24, 1999

(Bimonthly newspaper of the central Committee of the Great Jubilee
of the year 2000)