Editorial We Are Jews
By Luigi Giussani

CL Why Traces?
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Paraguay A Home for Panchito's Ex-Inmates
By Gaia Romana Bertolotti

Movement Living Reality
By Luigi Giussani

After 1968 In the Name of Nothingness. In the Name of the Father
By Alberto Savorana

Italy When Desire Leads to Commitment
By Giorgio Vittadini

Sainthood Of the Same Root
By Laura Cioni

Congdon William's Youth
By Carmen Giussani

Science If You're Lacking the Data…
By Mario Gargantini

Usa The Two Faces of the Pax Americana
By Gianni Riotta

Bring Hope
By Maurizio Maniscalco

Iraq: Desert Fox
By Maurilio Ronchetti

Word among us "Ideal-Thinks He-Thou Alone Are True"
Fr Giussani's letters to the first four students of GS who left for Brazil. It was 1962. "I beg you, my friends, to think of how many things depend on you; how many things for the future of us all"
Edited by Massimo Camisasca