Editorial For Reason, against War

Violence The Truth about Man
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

War I renew here my appeal dictated not only by faith, but even more by reason

Letter from Belgrade
By Renato Farina

The War Seen from the USA
By Rodolfo Casadei

GS The Youth of the Faith
By Gianni Mereghetti

Jubilee The Loving Grasp
By Anna Penati Bernardini

May The Month of Mary
By Laura Cioni

Fraternity Freedom and Belonging
By Luca Doninelli

Children by Adoption
By James Francis Stafford

A Wish
By Luigi Giussani

Gaber Mr. G's Questions
Interview by Massimo Bernardini

Music The Stairs of Destiny
By Sandro Chierici

Meeting At Tradition's Source
By Marco Bona Castellotti

The Unknown Generates Fear, Mystery Generates Wonder
Interview by Vanni Casadei

The Pope A Gleam in Deep Shadows
By Gilfredo Marengo

Word Among Us Clarity of Faith before Buddhism at its Best
Notes from a conference of Luigi Giussani. International Cultural Center, Nagoya, Japan, June 17, 1987