Contents november 1999

Word Among Us Life: God Has "Mixed in" with Us
Notes from a talk presented by Luigi Giussani in the house of the Novitiate of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, who in 1993 became the Sisters of Charity of the Assumption
Rome, March 10, 1970

Editorial Freedom for All

Society Educating the Cookie Monster
By Lorenzo Albacete

Five Projects for the Tents

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Spain Starting Work
By Giorgio Vittadini

USA A Problem of Knowledge
By Lorenzo Albacete

Puerto Rico Challenge in the Carabbean
By Giuseppe Zaffaroni

October 30th A Demand for Freedom
By Gianni Mereghetti

Rethinking Education in the United States
By Maurizio Crippa

Andreotti What a Great Victory!

Books Traces for the Jubilee
Edited by Alberto Savorana

Vatican A Road for Europe
By Andrea Tornielli

Dawning of a New Humanity
By Juana and Jesus Carrascosa

The Church Makes Us Contemporaries of Jesus
By Joseph Ratzinger

Meeting The Mystery. Companion to Free Men
By Javier Prades