Contents october 1999

Word Among Us Fatherhood and Belonging
Luigi Giussani's intervention at the Convention organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family.
Vatican City, June 4, 1999

Editorial Christians and the State

Debate Education and Mystery
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

USA Bishop in Action
By John Vlazny

Labor Day (The Labor of Life)

California Francesco's Crying
By Fabio Esposito

Movement Belonging is Being Generated, Being Sons

East Timor The Martyrdom of a People
By Aura Miguel

Meeting A Preview of the Exhibition in 2000

Islam. Encounter and Challenge
By Giorgio Paolucci

Mystery Generates Friendship (Forever)
By Shodo Habukawa

AIDS: Within an Encounter Emerges Hope
By Andrea Racca and Camillo Rossi

From Wonder to Doubt
By Javier Prades

Andreotti The End of a Nightmare
Edited by Alberto Savorana

Tuscany Tea Road
By Giampaolo Cerri

Congdon Bill's Voyage
By Marina Mojana

Contributions The "Religious Sense" as "Synthesis of the Spirit"
By Massimo Borghesi

Enclosed: Two lessons by Julián Carrón at the International Assembly of CL Responsibles