Contents - No. 11, December, 2005

Page one
Christmas: the Mystery
of God’s Tenderness

by Luigi Giussani

Livorno, Milan, Paris...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Avsi / Tents 2005
The First Charity is Education
> Ecuador
> Albania
> Sierra Leone
> Hurricane Katrina
> Pakistan
> Scholarships

Education / Appeal
If There Were an Education of the People,
Everyone Would Live Better

New World
Work in the Land of Opportunity
> Looking for Work
in the Washington,
D.C., Area

by Anna Leonardi
> The business executive
Social Responsibility
and Globalization

by Robert McCann and Merrill Lynch
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Film / George Clooney
Mr. Murrow’s Story
by John Touhey

Africa for the United States
The Paradox of Charity
> Help for America from Africa
by Vanessa Akello e Pippo Ciantia
> The Risk of Education
has been educating in Kampala

by Anna Leonardi
> Being African,
that is to say, Christian

by Renato Farina
> The Exemplary Experience
of Two Schools in Kenya

by Filippo Cavazza

Hundreds Every Day
at the Tomb of Fr. Giussani

by Gian Guido Vecchi

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)
Surprised by Christian Friendship
by Laura Cotta Ramosino
> In Lewis’ House Without Lewis
edited by Anna Leonardi

The Second Vatican Council
Novelty in Continuity
edited by Alessandro Banfi

Inside america
Science, Reason, and Faith:
Three Accounts

A Proposal for Facing Reality


The Lord Is Close to His Creatures, Entering into Space and Time