contents - No. 2 2005

Page one
What Is Christianity?

Boston, Castellammare del Golfo, Bari...

edited by Paola Bergamini

The West
If the Church Is Free,
Everyone Is Free
> Interview with Marta Sordi
and Libertas Ecclesiae

edited by Stefano Zurlo
> Interview with Giorgio Feliciani
The Search for Truth
as an Inalienable Right of Man

edited by Carlo Dignola
> True Religiosity and Power
by Luigi Giussani

South East Asia
Sister Angela’s Choice:
to Be a Companion to Those in Pain

by Fr Mauro Bazzi, OFM Capp.
> The contribution
Nature as God’s Creature:
Good, but Imperfect

by Marco Bersanelli
> The Mystery of Life and Reality
by Giovanni Mulazzani

National Diaconia
The Strength of the New Beginning

by Stefano Alberto

North America
Texts in Our Hands
and Facts in Our Eyes

by Michelle Riconscente
> Interview with Mario Paredes
Integration in America

edited by Alvaro Manoel
and Michelle Riconscente
> New Air at the University
by Jen Patton and Mary Kroetz

Saint Riccardo Pampuri
Ten Years of Encounters
and Prayers of a People

by Renato Farina

The Garden at Casa Juan Diego

by Stacy Roussel

The Holy Land
The Crossroads of Peace
The Certain Hope of the Church

edited by Andrea Finessi

What the “I” Has to Do with Works

by Julián Carrón

INSIDE america
The Evidence of the Resurrection

by Lorenzo Albacete

The Supreme Sign of Hope