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Upon the Ruin

by Luigi Giussani

Bergamo, San Marino, Lima...

If There Were an Education of the People
Everyone Would Live Better

> Coletta
Nothing Is Our Own Work.
He Is the One who Does Everything

edited by Alessandro Banfi
> The Victory that Is the Deepest
Hope of Every Human Heart

by John Paul II
> Parsi
Changing the UN in Order to Save It

edited by Maurizio Crippa
> Martyrs and Kamikazes:
an Abyss of Difference

by Fidel González
> Ferrara
The Weapon of Education
to Fight Terrorism

edited by Alberto Savorana

Sierra Leone
Freetown. The Carpenter,
the Child Jesus, and Mary

by Fr Bepi Berton

North America
That We Have Seen and Heard...
in Canada and Texas

> From Vancouver to Halifax,
the News Travels Fast

by John Zucchi
> The Stand at the Fair
of Catholic Youth

by Mike Eppler

MEETING 2004 ]

Exercises of CLU (University Students)
Gloria Dei Vivens Homo

Fr Pino’s lesson and Fr Giussani’s closing words

Against Despair and Boredom
the Certainty of Hope

edited by Renato Farina

Iraq/Emmanuel III Delly
Peace and Security
for the Land of Abraham

edited by Lucio Brunelli

Mary in History

Companionship to Man
> Daughter of Your Son
by José Miguel García
> Redemptoris Mater
by John Paul II
> Theater
The Women Who Served

INSIDE america
Christianity Is an Event, not a Philosophy

by Lorenzo Albacete

Our Indestructible Company

by Luigi Giussani