CONTENTS N. 6 - 2002

The Philosopher, Rice, and Beans

A New Beginning
By Lorenzo Albacete

Edited by Paola Bergamini

One Strike and You’re Out
By Andrea Tornielli

A New Affection
By Filippo Santoro

Priests in New York
By Marco Bardazzi

CL Life
Over a Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner
By Giorgio Vittadini

Quality Education
By Alberto Piatti

The Holy Land
The Infinite Value of Those Stones
By Giancarlo Giojelli

John Paul II
The Shepherd and His Little Flock
By Renato Farina

Padre Pio
A Happiness That Comes from Afar
By Paola Bergamini

Graham Greene
Total Painful Sympathy
By Giancarlo Giojelli

Encounters with Jesus
Out of Love for Jesus
By Stefano Zurlo

American Saints
The Promise Fulfilled
By Barbara Gagliotti

word among us
“Come!” Being Is Holiness
Notes from a talk of Luigi Giussani to a group of Memores Domini
Milan, April 21, 2002