contents No. 6 2005

Page one
Life’s Vocation

by Luigi Giussani

Minnesota, Adria, Buenos Aires...

edited by Paola Bergamini

For Less than Everything,
It Isn’t Worth It
> Forum. Albacete and Weiler
The Dictatorship of Desires
and the Experience of Truth

> Testimonies. Vittadini
Along Otherwise Impossible Paths
The Adventure of a Statistician

by Paola Bergamini

Nairobi Is Back at Teaching

by John Njoroge

The Rebirth of the Person in the Favelas

by Riccardo Piol
> Testimony
“Something Was Missing...”
From Homes to Community

by Cleuza Ramos

Fraternity 2005
Hope Does not Disappoint
The Beauty of a Heritage

by Alberto Savorana
> Message of Benedict XVI

Giving your life. USA
An Italian in America,
and the Parable of the Talents

by Renzo Canetta
> Testimony
That Unexpected Gift

by Rosalba Armando

A Splendid Summer and the
Encounter of a Life

by Paola Ronconi
> The Time of Freedom
by Luigi Giussani

The Ideal vs. Dreams
Hope Is a Locus

by Alfonso Carrasco Rouco
> A Companionship on the Road
that Brings You Closer to the Origin

by Giuseppe Frangi

Christ Is Truly Present
Among Us. He Grasps Us to Make
Us Assimilate Him

by Benedict XVI

INSIDE america
It Was About 4 pm

by Lorenzo Albacete

The Energy of the Ideal

New World
In Defense of Reason and Reality
edited by Michelle Riconscente
> Half Lives

by Thomas D. Sullivan
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture