CONTENTS N. 5 - 2002

A Destiny that Is Mysterious and Good

New old words
True Harmony
By Lorenzo Albacete

Edited by Paola Bergamini

We Belong
By Luigi Giussani

Which Way Out?
By Giancarlo Giojelli

Destined to Live Together
Edited by Stefano Maria Paci

Factor of Peace
Edited By Lucio Brunelli

A Real Judgment
Edited By Paola Ronconi

The Life I Now Live in the Flesh I Live by Faith in the Son of God
By Paolo Biondi

CL Life
Querido Fr Giuss
By Paola Bergamini

The Promise, Doubt, Faith
By Enzo Piccinini

Warhol’s Madonna
By Giuseppe Frangi

Openness to Reality
By Antonio Socci

Abraham B Yehoshua
The Face of the “Other”
By Mimmo Stolfi

American Saints
California Missions
By Ricardo Olvera and Damian Bacich

Subsidiarity: A Lesson from the United States
Edited by Luca Pesenti

Word Among Us
“Woman, Do Not Weep!”
Moved by profound pity for all the pain of our fellow men
Notes from Luigi Giussani’s closing talk at the Retreat of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation in Rimini, May 5, 2002