contents - No. 9 2004

A New Beginning that Opens Doors to the Future

edited by Roberto Fontolan

...Our Voice Sings with a Why

edited by Roberto Fontolan

Truly Useful to the Human Companionship

by Giorgio Vittadini

Going to School with the Priest from Desio

by Claudio Risé

Make Friends with Five People and You Will Reach Fifty
by Laura Cioni

At Last, with You, a True Revolutionary

by Massimo Caprara

Intimate and Fleshly
by Umberto Motta

Teaching in Indiana: Discovery of Unity
by Paolo Carozza

Introduction to Total Reality
> 1 Proposing the past adequately
Getting to Know Tradition
to Prepare for the Future

edited by Sebastian Hügel and Alberto Savorana
> 2 Within a present life experience
To Give Reasons Is
Always to Demonstrate

edited by Alessandro Gamba
> 3 Education in criticism
Always in War with Bad Teachers

edited by Maurizio Crippa

Love for Being
The Root of the Passion for Beauty

edited by Paolo Perego and Alberto Savorana

From the charism
Vocation and Destiny of Life

> Memores Domini
Vocational Companionship

edited by Luca Doninelli
> Fraternity of St Charles Borromeo
At the Service of the Church

edited by Luca Doninelli
> Sisters of Charity of the Assumption
“You Are You Plus Me”

by Gelsomina Angrisano
> Studium Christi
Priests by Imitation

edited by Alberto Savorana

My Yes to the Mystery of Anna

by Mario Dupuis

From Russia to Canada
by Cecilia Zucchi

Living in a New Way at Work and in the Family
by Francis Nkafor

The Orthodox-Catholic View

by Giovanna Parravicini
> Me, a Muslim, and CL
by Ali Qleibo
> “We Are Jews”
by David Rosen
Unity, Unity! The Action of a People
edited by Roberto Fontolan

To the Holy Father

by Luigi Giussani
To Fr Giussani
by John Paul II