CONTENTS N. 10 - 2002

Where Peace Begins

A year later
The Silence, and the Cross
by Lorenzo Albacete

edited by Paola Bergamini

More Necessary than Air

Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Encounters that Break Through the Horizon

Jews and Gentiles Will Sit Down Together
by Giancarlo Giojelli

A Mysterious Presence
by Ali Qleibo

Stafford: Church and Movements in America
by Steve Brown

Cl in the world
The Embrace of the Beginning
by Luca Doninelli

New York-Milan
by Giorgio Vittadini

Destiny and Education
by Giancarlo Cesana

The Steps on the Journey
by Fr Pino

GS (Student Youth)
Against the Virus of Taking Things for Granted

by Davide Perillo

University Students
Loving in Order to Live

by Simone Finotello

American saints
Mother Drexel
Sell What Thou Hast… and Come Follow Me

By Chris Reynolds and Mark Baumeister

An “Italyana” Abroad
by Riccardo Piol

St Escrivá
A Father and a Friend

edited by Riccardo Piol

In-Presa: What’s New
by Emiliano Ronzoni

International Assembly of Responsibles
Man and His Destiny

October, Our Lady’s month
Under Your Protection
by Laura Cioni

Word among us
Prayer: The Outpost of Our Embattled Humanity
Notes from Luigi Giussani’s address to Opening Day for the adults of Communion and Liberation in the diocese of Milan.
Milan, September 21, 2002