Poor and Responsible
Notes from Fr Giussani’s talk at the end of the CL International Council, La Thuile, Italy, August 21, 2003

I only wanted to ask you to have the charity to pray to Our Lady, and forgive me for adding St Joseph, too, for obvious reasons, but also our Saint who died near Milan, St Riccardo, who served the sick poor, who served the sick in his hospital, in the hospital of his Fathers.
Please pray to Our Lady, St Joseph, and St Riccardo, that they may make room for a prayer for me in their heart in front of Christ, because after seeing your assembly today, this morning, I have to say that it is the greatest thing, the most mysteriously great thing of everything we have said to each other all these years. May they give me the offering of their supplication to Christ, so that I may still contribute to making all the people of our believers and friends, both near and far, be consistent.
I wanted to ask you simply to resolve to include me among the people you remember in your daily prayers, that you remember my poor person, because I am the most responsible of all of you.
Thank you! Thank you for what you are and what you give: you strengthen my hand!
Everything will be accomplished by a certain date, even if it is mysteriously hidden; the date of the day when Christ will show Himself, risen from the dead, to the whole world.
Thank you!
CESANA: Thank you, Fr Gius, for what you are, because we want to become like you.