contents - No. 8, 2004

Page one
May Our Lady Force Us to Make
Our Existence Coincide with Our Being

by Luigi Giussani

Usa, Ireland, Italy...
edited by Paola Bergamini

International Assembly of Cl Responsibles
The Victory of Christ Is the Christian People
> The Experience of an Impossible Correspondence
by Renato Farina

> The Genius of the Movement
by Adrianus Simonis

> A History Inhabited by a Presence
by Jesús Sanz Montes

> Chosen for a Task
by James Matthew Wingle

Report Our Africa
A People at Work, Building

> Situation in Action
In the Horror of War, the Hope of the Church
by Giancarlo Giojelli

> Travel Diary
Our Joy in a Situation of Despair
by Pier Alberto Bertazzi

> True Peace for Rwanda
by Fr Pietro Tiboni

> Darfur, Theater of War
by Filippo Ciantia

> A Ray of Light
by Renato Farina

> Not a Book… the Experience of a People
by Vanessa Jullies Akello

Aid for the Suffering Church
Religious Freedom: A Right yet to Be Won
by Camille Eid

The Story of Valeria and Max
The “I” is Reborn in an Encounter.
In wich the Beginning Happens Again

by Paola Bergamini

Why the Church? in the world
A Providential Response
edited by Paola Ronconi

Meeting 2004
Passionately Human
by Emiliano Ronzoni

> John Paul II’s message to the Meeting 2004

Religious Sense, Works, and Politics
by Luigi Giussani

INSIDE america
A Reasonable Politics
by Lorenzo Albacete

Passionate Love for the Mystery of Man