CONTENTS N. 9 - 2000

Giussani at the Meeting
Living Fountain

Edited by Paola Bergamini

Education and freedom
The Risk of Teaching

Edited by Alberto Savorana

That first Hour of School
By Paola Bergamini

America, too, “Was” Statist
By Marco Bardazzi

Glenn: A Question of Justice
By Gianni Mereghetti

Interview with Alain Finkielkraut
May Beauty Keep Us at Bay
Edited by Rodofo Casadei

September 11th
A year later
Looking Inside the Fear
By Lorenzo Albacete

The Place of Hope
By Marco Bardazzi

David Forte
That Day America Had to Come out of Itself
Edited by Roberto Fontolan

Cl in the world
Oregon and California
An Implicit Question
By Giorgio Vittadini

Toronto / XVII World Youth Day
The Hope that Does not Let Us Down
By Andrea Tornielli

Toronto / GS and CLU
Meeting Point in the Yellow Sector
By Marco Bardazzi

In La Thuile, 800 Responsibles from all over the world
“The” road in the world
By Giorgio Vittadini and Giancarlo Cesana

Chile. The Seed Put Down Roots
By Aguayo Bolivar

Israel. The Rosaries of Bethlehem
By Sobhy Makhoul

American saints
The Good Sailor
By Dino D’Agata

John Paul II
In Reality Lies the Beginning of Fulfillment

The Beatiful Is the Good

Free at Last
By Andrea Costanzi

Hope for Peace
By Riccardo Piol

Catastrophes and Rebirths on Our Planet
Edited by Calo Dignola

Interview with Fr Giussani
Being Is Charity
By Renato Farina

Word among us
Caro Cardo Salutis
The Flesh Is the Hinge of Salvation

(Irenaeus of Lyons, bishop of the second century)
Notes from Luigi Giussani’s talk to the International Council of Communion and Liberation. La Thuile, Italy, August 27, 2002