Contents - No. 9, 2006

Page one
How We Become Christian
by Luigi Giussani

Sacramento, Denver, Pesaro...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Benedict XVI
the Breadth of Reason

by Pigi Colognesi
> Is Reason the Enemy
of the Mystery?

by Javier Prades
> Press release
Carrón: “We Stand by the Pope”

USA / Crossroads Cultural Center
Clash or Consensus?

by David Galalis

After the cease-fire
Christians in the Middle East
edited by Anna Leonardi
> Beirut Speaking
by Emilio Maiandi
advocating coexistence

> Jerusalem Speaking
by Marta Zaknoun
> Bethany Speaking
by Samar Sahhar

New World
The Adventure of Discovery
The Infinite Behind the Stars

by Mario Gargantini and Michelle Riconscente

An Inexhaustible Desire
Searching for Reality

by Mario Gargantini
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> Book / Hannah Arendt
Attuned to Reality
by Colin Cherico

La Thuile
Memory: the Method of the Event
> A Son Coming Home
by Etsuro Sotoo
> Leafing Through Traces in Japanese
by Paolo Perego
> A Year of Marriage on the Steppe
edited by Paolo Perego
> The Courage to Face Reality
by Paola Bergamini

Faith and Reality in Rimini
by John Waters

Dinner with Tony Hendra
by Michele Cantoni

Inside america
The Road of Reason
by Lorenzo Albacete

The Pope is Challenging Us
All on the Proper Use of Reason

“Lady, Your Beauty Seemed to Me Like a Divine Light in My Mind”. (G. Leopardi)
Julian Carron’s talk at the Pastoral Theological Congress, “The transmission of faith inside the family,” on the occasion of the fifth World Meeting of Families with Benedict XVI. Valencia, Spain, July 5, 2006