contents - No. 5 2007
page one
Mary: Faith and Faithfulness
by Luigi Giussani

Cusano M., Valpolicella, Kampala…
edited by Paola Bergamini

A Matter for Reasonable Men
by Davide Perillo
> The Family
by Stefano Andrini
> School
edited by Paolo Perego
> Vocation
edited by Paola Bergamini
> Politcs
edited by Alberto Savorana

Welcoming Families Association
Passion for Human Destiny
edited by Paola Bergamini

March 24th
A Winning Attraction
> One Step toward
an Identification

by Wael Farouq
> Me, My Mother, and Fr. Giussani
by Oscar Giannino
> Two Hours Live
by Emilio Fede
> A Sign of Destiny
by Magdi Allam 25
> Convicts, a Holiday for Prison
Guards, and Those Two Rented Vans

by Maria Rosaria Parruti
> A Non-Aggressive Certainty
by Paolo Zaninoni

Letters from Jail Human Ingeniousness
by Anna Carobene, Joshua and Rodney

An Embrace beyond the Wall
by Massimo Camisasca
> Taiwan
On the Non-Existent Island
by Emmanuele Silanos
> Chile
In the Footsteps of Kings
by Marco Aleo
> Germany
Education: an Emergency
by Gianluca Carlin
> Rome
An Altar Cloth for Eternity
by Matteo Dall’Agata

Enzo Piccinini (1951-1999)
This Life Is Reasonable
within an Attachment

by Enzo Piccinini

New World
Reason in the Face of Tragedy
by Marina Cogo
> Loyal to the Nobility of Life
by G. Maniscalco, S. Ramos and F. Tanzilli
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture
> The great american theme
Hope after Hope

by Joseph Toth

The City within the City
edited by Paola Bergamini
> A Spiritual Father of Christian Europe
by Adolfo Morganti

inside america
Reason and the Empty Tomb
by Lorenzo Albacete

What Good Is Jesus?