contents No. 8 - 2008

Massachusetts, Milan, Montreal…
edited by Paola Bergamini

What We Saw
by Davide Perillo
> Message
The Pope: “A Protagonist
Is One Who Gives His Life to God”

> Giorgio Vittadini
“The Meeting’s Treasure?
It Embraces Diversity”

edited by Paolo Viana

The Witnesses
Being Protagonists
Is Saying “Yes” to the Mystery

by Vicky Aryenyo
> Fr. Aldo Trento
The World Changes if You Let
Yourself Be Loved by Christ

Americans in Rimini
The Primacy of Facts
by Santiago Ramos

Toward 2009
Knowledge Is Always an Event

New World
Toward Elections
Why It’s Dear To Us
edited by Santiago Ramos
The “Ed Conference” in Portland
Classroom Risk: Verifying a Viewpoint
by Dino D’Agata
> Culture
A Tim Winton Novel
Pointless and Beautiful
by Greg Wolfe
> A Message, from the Joker
by Wadi Adames

The indian crisis
Hindu Extremism
and the Fear of Christ

by Piero Gheddo

Stefano Borgonovo
The Adventure
of a Living Man

by Paolo Perego

La Thuile. International
Assembly of Responsibles
An Adventure for Oneself
> Testimonies/1
Out Reach And Work

Facing Society

Andrea Aziani
Fever for Life
by Antonio Socci

The Pilgrimage to Cze¸stochowa
that Allows Us to Walk

by Lorenzo Margiotta

inside america
Marriage as
Witnessing to Christ

by Lorenzo Albacete

Unmistakable Features

Every month in Traces,
words from Benedict XVI. 
General Audience on St. Paul.
Paul VI Audience Hall
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faith: The Ultimate
Expression of an
Affection for Oneself

International Assembly
of Responsibles of Communion
and Liberation. La Thuile, Italy,
August 19-23, 2008