Contents - Vol.11 - No.10, 2009

The Heart of The Circle

After the Synod
Get Up, Africa
by Andrea Tornielli

“Without God, We Can Do Nothing”
by Alessandra Stoppa

Knowing Reality in the Light of God

Beyond poverty
The Meaning in That Very Simple Gesture
by Paolo Perego

The Paradox of Paradoxes
by Gianluigi Da Rold

New world
Health care reform
Healing the System
by Suzanne Tanzi

The Texture of Reality
by Dino D’Agata

The fall of the Wall
Under the Berlin Sky
by Fabrizio Rossi

The Catalyst of Change
by Joachim Jauer

cl life
A Fortress Beyond the Iron Curtain
by Alessandra Stoppa

our history
The Name of an Experience
by Carlo Dignola and Fred Kaffenberger

a day at...
Vitorchiano Monastery
The Silence that Fills Life
by Alessandra Buzzetti

Benedict XVI
The Superabundant Gift of Jesus’ Self

edited by Paola Bergamini
The Real Wall to Knock Out Is Inside Ourselves
by John Waters
Inside America
by Lorenzo Albacete

Inside Pageone
The Structure of Experience
As an aid to the work of these months, we publish again here Chapter 3 (pp. 98–102) of The Risk of Education (Crossroad Publ. Co., NY, 2001 [translation]).