Contents april 2000

Editorial Presence, only Presence

USA Politics and the Stars
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Giussani Unity, the Law of Knowledge

USA The Miracles Admist the Snows
By Michael J.J.O' Neill and Heather O' Neill

The Path to Humanity
By Barbara Estes

Caribbean On the Enchanted Isle
By Alfonso Moser

East A Seed for All the Russias
By Elena Fieramonti and Fran┴ois Thiry

From the Land to St. Petersburg

Ratzinger In Praise of Reason

The Holy Land Here Eternity Entered History
By Andrea Tornielli, Gerolamo Castiglioni, and Giuseppe Di Fazio

Islam State, Law, and Koran
By Rodolfo Casadei

Meeting Peter and Paul. History, Devotion, Memory
Edited By Giovanni Gentili

Classical Music Muti and the Music of Mercy
Edited by Renato Farina

Jubilee A Greek and a Zealot in the Shadow of Jesus

Philip, Witness to the Multiplication of the Bread and Fishes
By Alessandro Zangrando

Simon, the Revolutionary who Humbly Followed the Messiah
By Giuseppe Frangi


Word Among Us That Great Strength of the Pope on His Knees
By Luigi Giussani
la Repubblica, March 15, 2000