Editorial Bringing Mystery into Focus

UN A Common Destiny
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Piccinini Father because Intensely Son
By Luigi Giussani

Promise and Certainty
By Giacomo Biffi

An Eternal Friendship
By Giancarlo Cesana

The Ripe Grain and the Little Seed
By Laura Cioni

Nairobi Under the African Sky
By Alfonso Poppi

Literature Flannery's Mystery
By Elisa Buzzi

Cover Reason and the Christian "Claim" at the UN
By Alberto Savorana

Jubilee Athanasius' Battle
By Leonardo Lugaresi

Padre Pio A Complete Son of St. Francis
By Fidel González

Word Among Us All Things: Mystery and Sign
Notes from a conversation of Luigi Giussani with a group
of Novices of Memores Domini. Milan, April 11, 1999

Enclosed: A testimony by Enzo Piccinini at CLU Exercises, 1998