Editorial Judgment and Freedom

Contribution Unity of Being
By Lorenzo Albacete

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini

Movement The Task of the Holiday

"Death, where is thy victory?"

North America The Conscience of Canada
By John Zucchi

USA Christian "Claim" on Capitol Hill
By Michelle Watkins

Horowitz & Friends for Avsi
By Tom Tobin

The Liberation of Reason
By Michael Miller

From Nazareth to Chicago
By Giorgio Ambrosio

Youth Back to the Nothingness
By Martino Clericetti

Seduced and Abandoned
By Filippo De Bortoli

Rimini The 20th Anniversary of the Meeting

The Shape of Color
By Marco Bona Castellotti

Piccinini Generation, a Present Act
By Enzo Piccinini

Vatican Charism and Mission
By Alberto Savorana

The Surprise of an Encounter

For the Human Glory of Christ in History
By John Paul II

Books An Exceptional "Fact"
By Luca Doninelli and Gian Mario Veneziano

Word Among Us Eternity in Hiding Within Every Appearance Charism and Mandate

The address by Luigi Giussani at the seminar organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity on "Ecclesial Movements and New Communities in the Bishops' Pastoral responsibility" - Rome, June 18, 1999