Contents march 2000

Editorial Politics: Education, Freedom, and Unity

USA The Intolerant Tolerance
By Lorenzo Albacete

February 11 Anniversary of the Pontifical Recognition
of 2000 the Fraternity of CL

Letters Edited by Paola Bergamini
Health care 1972: Religious Instructionin the Wards
Edited by Giovanna Tagliabue

Usa-Italy America at Risk
By Michelle Riconscente

New York The Birth of a Music
Edited by Maurizio Maniscalco

Madrid A Question Answered
By Antonio López Triana
Islam In the Dark Shadow of the Pyramids
By Camille Eid

St. Paul Chosen by Chris
By Julián Carrón
Jubilee The Two Empiricists Thomas, When Faith Is a Hand's Reach Away
By Pina Baglioni

Bartholomew, the Frankness of the Man From Cana
By Alessandro Zangrando
On the Way Enthusiasm that is Born From Beauty
Insert A Presence That Moves
Word Among Us The Perception of Mystery in the Encounter With That Man
Notes from a talk between Luigi Giussani and a group of Memores Domini novices
Milan, December 19, 1998