CONTENTS N.5 - 2003

Page One
The Strength of God Is the Joy of His People
by Luigi Giussani

North Carolina, Sumatra, Tampa...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Usa and Iraq. Peace Be With You!
> The Foundation of Hope.
Love, Justice, Truth, and Freedom

by John Paul II
> In Mercy Is the Possibility for Peace
by Luigi Giussani
> The Creaking Joints of the UN
by Maurizio Crippa

Finkelkraut and Giussani
> Event as Encounter
The Battle Against Utopia

by Luigi Amicone

Washington, DC.
Education Is Freedom

> Yes, It Is Worth the Risk An Experience Offered
by Michelle Riconscente
> Hauerwas, a Protestant: “I Would Like to Have Said Those Things Myself”
edited by MR
> The Primacy of Reality and the Experience of Risk
by Angelo Scola
> Tillman: on Newman and Giussani. Tradition, Freedom, and Friendship
edited by MR
> Affinity and Shared Fascination with a Human Proposal
by Elisa Buzzi

Way of the Cross
> Cross and Resurrection Like Two Thousand Years Ago
by Edgar McCarrick

USA. University Students
> At the Beginning of the Beginning
by Lorenzo Albacete

> Passion Communicated on the Wards With the Patients, Embracing the Man
by Giampaolo Cerri
> Without Presence, Absolutely Nothing
by Enzo Piccinini

Meeting. Is there a man who desires life and longs for happy days?
> When Mystery Calls the“I”
by Giancarlo Cesana
> How the Title Was Born
The Rule of St Benedict

by Mauro Lepori

De Wohl
> A Writer of Adventure Stories
About Generals and Saints

by Stefania Ragusa

Mother Teresa
> It Is Jesus to Whom We Do Everything
by Andrea Tornielli
> She Wore the “Stigmata” Stamped on her Soul
by Brian Kolodiejchuk, M. C.

The “Objectivity” of Christ’s Presence
by Lorenzo Albacete

The “Weapon” for Rebuilding the Human

The Strength of God Is the Joy of His People
Notes from Luigi Giussani’s closing address at the GS Easter Triduum Holy Saturday Rimini, Italy April 19, 2003