Contents - No. 5 2005

Page one
The Eucharist: the Great Prayer

by Luigi Giussani

Manila, Milan, Merate...
edited by Paola Bergamini


Benedict XVI
The Experience of the Hundredfold

> A Full and Radiant Humanity
by Michael Waldstein
> Shepherd of the Church
and Fisher of Men
> An Extraordinary Experience
by Alessandro Banfi


Healing or caring for
Lords over Life?

> Cottolengo
A Response of Civilization
by Primo Soldi
> An interview with
Dr. Giovanni Battista Guizzetti
The Courage to “Take Care Of”
edited by Paola Ronconi
> An interview with Fr. Vincent Nagle
Accompanying Life Fully,
to the Deepest

edited by Paolo Perego


The Movement Today
The Greatest Sacrifice Is to Give Your
Own Life for the Work of an Other

> Paraguay
On Top of the World
by Giovanna Tagliabue
> Middle East
In Bethany, Among
Samar’s Children

by Andrea Finessi
> Offering: the Incredible Fecundity
by P. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori

New World
The Root and Face of Relativism

edited by Michelle Riconscente
> If God Does Exist,
He Doesn’t Matter

by Luigi Giussani
> Communion and Liberation
> Culture


Paul Claudel
The Unexpected Flash of an Encounter

by Mauro Grimoldi


Student Youth (GS)
The Winning Attraction

by Julián Carrón

INSIDE america

The Agenda of the Church

by Lorenzo Albacete


A Humanity that God Came to Save