Contents - No 8 2003

The Presence in History
by Luigi Giussani

Rochester, Hoima, Rome...
edited by Paola Bergamini

Moved by the Infinite Because of His Exaltation of the “I”
> Reactions to the Letter to the Fraternity
> Schönborn The Dance of Two Freedoms The Eternal in the Everyday
edited by Riccardo Piol and Andrea D’Auria

The Persecuted Church
> Against the Most Fundamental of All Rights
by Camille Eid
> The Bishop and the Children in the Rain
by Vanessa Jullies Akello
> Sudan. The Church in the Nuba Mountains
edited by Paola Ronconi

From Nothingness to Being. Going Through Mary
> Giussani / 1 Poor and Responsible
> Giussani / 2 The Glory of God Is Living Man
> The Letter The Repercussion of Being...
by Julián Carrón
> A Regenerating Encounter
by Adrianus Simonis
> Education: Mercy in Action
by Paola Ronconi
> Work, or Being that Is Communicated
by Riccardo Piol
> “So that Man May Be Fulfilled…”
by Giancarlo Cesana
> Spencer An Example of True Ecumenism
> A Clear Gaze by Ernest Sesay

Middle East
Together for an Experience of Freedom
by Ambrogio Pisoni and by Emilio Maiandi

Is There a Man who Longs for Life and Desires Happy Days?
> The Pope’s Message
> Closing Remarks from Fr Giussani

Art Virgin Mother. The Form of the Mystery
by Giuseppe Frangi

American Optimism from the Past to the Present
by Giuseppe Zaffaroni

John Paul II
> The Gospel of Christ: Freedom and Peace for All
> Ecclesia in Europa Guarantee of the Future
by Stefano Maria Paci

Daniele Comboni
Father, Shepherd, and Friend of Africa
by Fidel González

The Elephant in the Room
by Lorenzo Albacete

Exaltation of the “I”