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Unity and Fraternity: the Synthesis of Every Day

by Luigi Giussani

Brescia, New York, Indiana...

edited by Paola Bergamini

Our Lady Respected God’s Freedom She Did Not Oppose It with Her Own Method
> Reactions to the Letter to the Fraternity

Israel and Palestine
What Is Needed Is a Peace Road

Interview by Mauro Bottarelli

Latin America
To Serve Development by the Unity of the People

by Alver Metalli

The University in the Andes Forming Free Men

by Dado Peluso

Two Truly Original Stories… on the Edge of the World

by Dimitri Kurya Chenko and Ernest P. Sesay

A Method at Work

by Emilia Vergani

Closing Remarks from Fr Giussani at the Meeting for Friendship
Among Peoples, Rimini, Italy

The Pope’s Message

Mauro Giuseppe Lepori
There Is a Man who Longs for Life and Desires Happy Days

Witnesses to Mercy Little and Big Happiness
by Riccardo Piol

Ecumenism Destined to Eternity The Supreme Drama of Freedom
by Giorgio Paolucci

Love Forever. Being Is Positivity
by Davide Perillo

Moving to Meet American Protestantism. Lessons in Real Ecumenism
by Rodolfo Casadei

AVSI in the World. Education, the First Form of Charity
by Andrea Costanzi

Michelin Work, Material. Living the Ideal in the Factory
by Emiliano Ronzoni

Exegesis Gospel, and Historicity Jesus Spoke Aramaic
by Alberto Savorana

John Paul II 25 Years of Pontificate
“If the Word Has Not Converted, it Will Be the Blood that Converts”

by Stanislaw Rylko

Closing Press Release for the 24th Edition
Our Progress Does Not Consist in Presuming We Have Arrived, but in Striving Constantly Towards the Goal

The Embrace of a Companionship

by Mark Danner

Fr Scalfi
The Great Mother Russia A Passion for Unity

by Giovanna Parravicini

Letter to the Fraternity
Philosophy: the Study of Being, not Nothingness

edited by Alessandro Banfi

Mary’s Freedom Daughter of Her Son

by Giuseppe Frangi

John Paul II
The Face of Peter
> Mary Does Not Raise Objections About God’s Future

by John Paul II
> “The Angel of the Lord Declared unto Mary.” The Greatest Event in History
by John Paul II

> For the Glory of Christ in History
edited by Renato Farina

On the Death of a Father

by Valerio Valeri

The Exaltation of Being

by Julián Carrón

Mary in the Encounter with Protestantism

by Lorenzo Albacete

The True Revolutionary of Our Time